Just Beyond the Trail’s Edge… May Meetup

The Eramosa River is a natural corridor for many different plants as well as animals, who use the river and the surrounding cover to make their way in and out of the city from the wild lands on the other side of Victoria Road and the golf course across the water. There’s been tales of the three-legged coyote in this area. Maybe we’ll see the tracks. What would a three-legged coyote’s track look like? Have you ever found fox scats at the river? What about beaver ones? Hey, what do beavers eat anyways? If these questions or any of your own tickle your heartstrings with curious longing, we need you to come wonder with us! Many more questions lie waiting… just beyond the trail’ s edge.

So come out on Saturday, May 19 from 10 till 12 (noon). We’ll meet in the covered picnic area at the Eramosa River Park at the end of Lawrence Ave (one street before Victoria, click here for map) and head down towards the river to explore the area, play some games and see what we can learn about this little corner Guelph. If it suits you, stick around afterwards for an informal folk-knowledge and primitive skills share. Bring your skills/craft material and/or a desire to learn.

This first meet up is geared towards adults, but children are certainly welcome if they are with an older person. Hopes are to broaden the age scope when more help comes in.

If you’re interested in helping out some way or organizing something for children, please contact guelphnaturefolklore@gmail.com.

The area is trailed and even off trail it is pretty flat. If you have concerns about accessibility/mobility or about anything else, please contact us so that we can see to it that you can come and participate. 

Hope to see you there!

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