First meetup great success!

Hey everyone!

Our First Meeting Was a Great Success!

Last Saturday morning under a blue, sunny sky, about 15 of us gathered for the inaugural meeting of the Guelph nature connection in folklore club. There were many different ages of folks and we had a great time playing games by the River.

We started off by saying a few things we were grateful for then got right to it by imitating animals. The stories of Eagles and Bears in this area were fresh in our minds as we tried to move our bodies as they do. Soon, we were walking like Fox towards the River, very quietly and stealthy. When we got to the water, we realized that we’d lost byron and spent a long time looking for him. He had hidden in the grasses and it was hard to see him because he had covered his arms and face in mud and put grass in his sleves! One person managed to spot his black T-shirt because it stood out against the green grasses.

This was great because the next game we played was a hiding game, so some of us rubbed the wet soil from the riverbank onto our bodies to help us get camouflage. Other people used burdock leaves to cover their faces and poked in some eyeholes so that they could see! After the hiding game, there was a scavenger hunt for different plants! The one we had the most trouble finding was Cinquefoil and many of us were left wondering where Cinquefoil likes to grow (if you’ve seen any, let us know on the comment section below).


Near the end, we reflected on how much we learned and how fun it is to not know something sometimes, to be curious. Then we each said one thing that we didn’t know, but were wondering about. One person was curious about how to polish rocks, another about the difference between learning and knowing (What are you curious about? Let us know below!). It was such a great time, that we all agreed to do it again.

Here’s the details for next month’s meeting:

Location: The Eramosa River Park at the end of Lawrence Avenue (one Street before Victoria). We’ll be near the trail. Click here for a map.

Date: Sunday, June 17, 2012. Rain or shine.

 Time: 10 am until noon. (Informal nature skills share, River swim to follow)

 What to bring: water bottle, clothes that can get dirty, curiosity (if you’re gonna stick around for the skills share: craft materials if you got ’em, tools, packed lunch, and maybe a bathing suit)

Cost : FREE

  Hope to see you there! 

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