Goldenrod, Rain and Weasels!

Storms brewing in the sky’s cauldron the morning of our second monthly meeting threatened to spill over and rain down upon us, a small band of humans gathered below. Some rains did come, but we managed to stay dry for the most part. Already, our group is starting to round itself out a bit with a nice mix of children, young adults and parents. We’re still patiently holding out and keeping our fingers crossed that the elders and teenagers might show up in the future.

Thanks to all who made it out this month! Again, this month we played some great games! The goldenrod, whose leaves had only just started reaching skyward last month, had now grown into waist high clusters of dense greenery, which was just perfect for our hiding game. Has anyone ever jumped into a clump of goldenrod, or burdock? What a nice home it must make for small animals…

Leave a comment of who you think this mystery weasel is!

Speaking of small animals, a few days before our meeting, one of us was down at the river sitting still and watching the birds when he saw something strange moving in his peripheral vision. On the muddy banks of the other side of the river, a dark member of the weasel family scurried in and out of the Manitoba maples! Here’s a picture of a similar creature above. Can you guess who it is? Leave us a comment! And stay tuned for the soon to come news of our next meeting.


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