Traditional Movements: A Workshop on Natural Running and Barefoot Walking

You want the good news first, or the bad news first? Well, you’re getting the bad news first: there will be no Nature Connection and Folklore Club meeting this month. Too many people are away and it’s just not gonna work out. We are going to miss you all who’ve been coming out. The good news is that we will certainly be doing it next month. So stay tuned.

The other good news, is that Guelph Nature Folklore is presenting:

Traditional Movements: A Free Workshop on Natural Running and Barefoot Walking

This could be you on Thursday, July 26!

Thursday, July 26

Eramosa River Park at the end of Lawrence Avenue. Click here for a map.

The workshop is geared towards adults, but younger people who have a desire to learn the skills and to pay attention can also attend.

Our friend from down south, Dustin will share with us a very old style of movement called “Natural Running,” which is a way of running safely without shoes! There will also be a detailed presentation about foxwalking, which is a way of walking stealthily without shoes. To end, we will play some games and use our newly learned skills.

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